Black Verner Panton S Chair

Black Verner Panton S Chair

Black Verner Panton S Chair


Big black chair


Panton Chairs at Business Center Cafeteria

Loved this clean and almost an all white appearance of the cafeteria at the Marr Plaza business center in Moscow, Russia. It’s a Panton chair lover paradise!


Happy 2012 Valentine’s Day!

Heart Bench by Joel Escalona:

Heart Bench by Joel Escalona

– Love Heart Kids Chair:


– Calypso Chair by Jon Goulder:

calypso love chair by jon goulder

Karim Rashid’s Veuve Clicquot Love seat:

– Lollila Chairby Studio Ahsayane:

Lollila Chair by Studio Ahsayane

Lovely Chair by Velichko Velikov:


Havana Lounge Chair by Velichko Velikov:

Havana Lounge Chair by Velicko Velikov

– The PinkCloudsDreams Chair:


(Broken?) Heart Chair by Steve Holman:

valentine Chair

Heart Cone Chair by Verner Panton:

Heart Cone Chair by Verner Panton

Cœur (=Heart) Chairs by Jean Royère

Rare pair of Cœur (=Heart) Chairs by Jean Royère

Hearts Chair by Vudafieri partners:

The Ultimate Valentine’s Chair by Bliss


Valentine’s Chairs

Usually we feature only one chair per post. For Valentine’s Day 2012, we’d like to show you more chairs in one ginourmous post. Some we’ve featured already in the past and some are new.

PS: we might be adding more;-)

Yellow Mini Panton Chair

Yellow mini Panton Chair by Verner Panton

I knew I had a photo of a yellow panton chair. I found it and it appears to be a yellow mini panton chair and not the best photo at that.

If you are a real chair lover you buy yourself a couple of nice mini chair. However, that can be a very costly hobby. If you check for instance Nova 68 who sell some mini Vitra Chairs, you’ll know what I mean: For a set of 5 you still pay $ 168.-….and then probably it’s a copy….