Mademoiselle Lounge Chair by Ilmary Tapiovaara (1956) – 2013 IMM Cologne (10)

Mademoiselle Lounge Chair by Ilmary Tapiovaara (1956)

I’m not a Ilmary Tapiovaara design fan as the chairs and stools tend to fall apart because they cannot bear the load of sitting. In one way or another he wasn’t able to give his designs the sturdiness of real shaker chairs.

Chair DRB15 by Chad Womack

Chair DRB15 by Chad Womack

Chair DRB15 by Chad Womack

We do have a Facebook page for chairblog, but sometimes do not pay attention enough to the reactions of our followers there…as there was Chad Womack who pointed us to his chair DRB15 there.

Chair Model No. DRB 15 is composed of American Cherry solids with African Wenge back splat and polished Stainless Steel banding. The hand tied traditional sprung seat is shown in fine Cognac brown hide. The curved cherry back rest was glued up to the required thickness and band-sawed on a taper. The back rest blank was also positioned on a compound angle on the saw table so that no glue line was visible on the face, disrupting the pattern of the wood grain. The back splat is veneered in beautiful dark African Wenge and traced with a banding of polished stainless steel. Polished stainless hex key fasteners are used as both functional and decorative elements. The tapered Cherry back legs are splayed on a compound angle to give the chair an elegant stance

Bernardes by Andreu Carulla

A convent was looking for new furniture, Andreu Carulla obliged and Sverges produced them.

Alessandro Mendini’s Zig Zag Chair

Alessandro Mendini's Zig Zag Chair

Alessandro Mendini's Zig Zag Chair side view

Alessandro Mendini’s take on the Zig Zag chair of Gerrit Rietveld

Elderly Chair by &Larry (and Larry)

For the SingaPlural exhibition, we were invited to participate and re-interpret the iconic “Kopitiam” Chair.

Using parts from another chair, we transformed our piece into a 3-legged seat with the third leg styled to resemble a walking stick. Our intent was to personify the chair as an elderly man who is in serious need of a break. Fact is, his retirement is long overdue.

“I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the “Kopitiam” Chair. Unfortunately, it is one of the most clichéd props used by cafés and restaurants seeking an instant shot of old world charm. From a practical view, it is heavy, cumbersome, drags noisily across the floor and cannot be stacked. There are definitely better and “younger” chairs out there that can take its place. My wish is for the Elderly Chair to be left to enjoy his retirement in peace.”

– &Larry

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