Neon Red Blue Rietveld by Iván Navarro


Iván Navarro 

Chair by Anna Štěpánková


Product and Interior Design Inspiration

This beautiful designed chair by Anna Štěpánková is inspired by a Japanese veneer technique, called Bunaco. The aim for this chair was to combine a traditional technique with modern design. The Tamashii dining chair is completely handmade with wooden material.

Positive Chair


An assignment for the Design History class at Portfolio Center. This chair represents positives and negatives. In life, it is my belief that when faced with difficulty or opposition, you have a choice in how you react. The coiled side represents a negative pattern of thoughts. The straight side represents an effort towards a more positive perspective, which draws you up and away from the coiled confusion and isolation.

Littlebig Modern Chair by Jeff Miller


Littlebig Modern Chair by Jeff Miller for Cerruti Baleri