V1 Lounge Chair by Svyatoslav Zbroy (Odesd2 label)

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V1 lounge chair

In the volume of silence

Future Shock has become a shock of the present. The speed of the future advent exceeds the speed of our adaptation to changes. The unnecessary information hid houses, friends, and even the sky from us. Time as a universal value becomes more expensive and inaccessible. Efforts at the information’s sorting and consumption exceed a useful effect of her. The need to stop at the right place at the right time is a prerequisite of the next step.

We have returned personal space to the man. The V1 chair gives you the retire in any room volume. Outside – one of the most durable yet lightweight materials, aluminum. Inside – felt – the nonwoven fabric, maximally absorbing the sound. The acoustic atmosphere of the chair’s internal volume allows you to focus on your thoughts and feelings. Large soft cushions are made of chenille with flock substrate and hollofayber is used as a filling. There is enough space both for single and joint rest.

Facts that made us take thought:

– The term “future shock” was defined by futurist Alvin Toffler in the eponymous book in 1970.

– The human brain is able to perceive and accurately process the information at a speed of up to 25 bits per second. Such speed of data assimilation enables a person to read up to three thousand books throughout life, on condition that each day he will take 50 pages of text.

– This July scientists have found a new speed record of data transmission via optical fiber – 43 terabits per second. Transmission of the two-hour movie channel in high definition with this channel takes a couple of milliseconds. The analog human can’t keep up with the rate and volume of such data transmission.

– As a whole for 100 years the movement speed of transport increased 100 times,timesspeed of communication systems operation has increased 10million times, the rate of data processing have increased 1 million times.
Svyatoslav Zbroy

“Product design is a universal language of communication. That is why it is interesting to learn how to speak it».

Svyatoslav Zbroy

“Product design is a universal language of communication. That is why it is interesting to learn how to speak it».

Architect. After defending the bachelor’s degree along with group mate Dmitry Bulgakov he founded design bureau ODESD2. The company’s mission – promotion of good taste and modern minimalistic aesthetics.

Reads Vitruvius, wears New Balance, uses Apple gadgets. He is fond of information technology and photography. He is inspired by the works of Dieter Rams, Norman Foster and Oki Sato.

Author of more than 60 objects for ODESD2.

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Stack your Mytos

I’ve featured the Myto by Konstantin Grcic earlier. In 2008 I took this photo of a stack of Mytos and then forgot about it until I rediscovered the photo.

Sofa 322 by Anita Schmidt for Rolf Benz (1987)

#7 of the Big Sofa Book
Found it in the Dutch Rolf Benz Experience Center


Quilt Sofa by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

Quilt Sofa by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Established & Sons for sale at €10,500 per item via 1stdibs


Déshabillé chair by Draga & Aurel

Without cloths is a litteral translation of Déshabillé,

However labeling it “naked chair” would be a bit too much.

“The Déshabillé armchairs played a leading role at the beginning of Draga & Aurel’s creative journey, which has long been characterized by creativity, a passion for vintage, and experimentation. Thanks to their backgrounds in fashion, textiles, and art, and like true design couturiers, Draga & Aurel reinterpreted old, salvaged items, giving them a new life.

The Déshabillé were created by literally “undressing” the original armchairs and applying “ruined” fabrics and decorative graphics, such as phrases, proverbs, or simple lettering. Distinguished by a worn and seductive look, these unconventional armchairs are silent “messengers” that reveal hidden phrases, describe the charm of the 1800s, and unveil the craft skills of upholsterers and fustians.

Handcrafted in the Atelier in Como, each piece is unique and it has a Certificate of Authenticity.”

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About Draga and Aurel:

About Us

Founded in 2007 in the town of Como, Italy, Draga & Aurel is a multi-disciplinary design studio that works along the spectrum of furniture, textile and interior design.

Draga Obradovic began her career in the fashion industry, first working in London and Milan as a textile designer before eventually settling in Como. Aurel K. Basedow graduated from Milan’s Accademia di Belle Arti with a degree in Fine Arts, having previously trained as a carpenter and woodworker.

Thanks to their sympathetic methods, combined with an artist’s approach to material and composition Draga & Aurel are widely recognized for their clever reinvention of bespoke vintage design pieces. Their showing at 2009’s Salone del Mobile introduced the duo to the world stage; it followed the partnerships with Italian leather manufacturer Baxter, wallpaper brand Wall&Deco, the major American fashion retailer Anthropologie and the Italian luxury furniture company Visionnaire.

While interior projects, like Sicily’s Dimora delle Balze and Cannavacciuolo’s Café & Bistrot in Novara, have expanded their sought after aesthetic into the realm of hospitality and lifestyle.

In occasion of the 2019 Milan Design Week the design duo presented Transparency Matters, an exhibition of limited edition pieces, entirely fabricated by hand in their Como atelier. Later, Draga & Aurel have participated with a site-specific project to Nomad Circle, the showcase for contemporary art and collectible design, in the 2019 edition in Venice and in the 2020 in St. Moritz.

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