Mine Chairs by Mati Karmin

Relax Mine Chair by Mati KarminRelax Chair

The Cow Lounger Mine Chair by Mati KarminThe Cow Lounger

Royal Mine Chair by Mati KarminChair Royal

The Boss Mine Chair by Mati KarminThe Boss

I would not have imagined that a naval mine could inspire someone to create a chair from, but it did inspire Estonian artist Mati Karmin. Unusual? Yes! Uncomfortable? No! Not at least when you look at these photos. The Mine Chairs seem decently comfortable for seating, but the thought of sitting in an old – possibly Russian – sea mine may give you very uncomfortable shivers. There seem thousands of mines left over by the Russians from the cold war and fro WW 1 and WW2 on an island 10 miles from the Estonian coast and this is one way of getting rid of them: Rejuvenate them!

Via Marinemine.

Repurposed Traffic Sign Chair by Boris Bally

Repurposed Traffic Sign Chair by Boris Bally

Via Boris Bally.

Pencil Chair by Judith Delleman

Coincidence matters. Just via a funny tweet of young Dutch Designer Judith Delleman (@JmDdes) I noticed she is into chairs. As a second year student of interior design she used over 500 Ikea pencils to redesign an old Ikea chair. The seat and back she carefully outfitted with leather upholstery. “The future is in the reusing of materials” she claims and “the gold and black paint I used can give ordinary materials a luxurious look and feel”

Back to the Drawing Board Chaise by Jason and Lars Dressler

Back to the Drawing Board Chaise by Jonas and Lard Dressler 01

Tiny e-mail, huge inspiration! Thank you David Dick for pointing me to the twin Brothers Dressler site! I totally agree: their work swipes you off your feet!

Your e-mail made me decide to start with a separate page here with links to Blogs and sites of chair designers as more and more designers have their own blog which is a good thing! Stay tuned!

Back to the Drawing Board Chaise by Jonas and Lard Dressler Detail 3

Back to the chair that David looooves:

I first saw this beautiful chair at Come Up To My Room Toronto 2008, and fell in love with it so completely it was hard for me to tear myself away. The hinges are reclaimed from a disused drafting table, hence the name. There are other chairs on this site, but this one is the standout in my mind.

Back to the Drawing Board Chaise by Jonas and Lard Dressler Detail 1

As an aside: I have here in my office an old drawing board from my father that I now use as a table.

Frankenstein Chair by Swiss Strala (T.M. Schmid)

frankenstein chair

T.M. Schmid of the Swiss design studio Strala asked me per e-mail to feature his Frankenstein Chair. With pleasure! … I’m glad T.M. Schmid now does recognize that the former name of this chair, M Chair, that I suggested to change into Mashed Up Chair, was in dire need of a better descriptive kind of name:-)


As this blog is becoming more and more a blog about chair designers, I’ve added a photo of Mr T.M. Schmid himself. And it made me think of a new category for this blog : recombined chair