Velvet Rope Couch by Misha Kahn

The couch is constructed out of poplar, painted and flocked, and upholstered with 100 yards of hand dyed velvet rope.

Halloween Seating (1)

Sara Palin Grizzly Bear Chair

Okay, especially for Halloween a bit of horror seating. First of all Sara Palin on her grizzly bear covered couch. Luckily the horror of having her actively engaged in politics seems to be over. Now she can live her own grizzly life;-)

Moody Series by Hanna Emelie Ernsting

Moody Bag 2011, photo courtesy of

The seating series “Moody” by the designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting follows the idea that “form follows moods” and consists of three pieces: Moody Couch, Moody Nest and Moody Bag.

Moody Couch kkaarrlls (limited edition) 2011

The origin of the concept is the observation that in the modern world people forget to relax and this is where the Moody series comes in, inviting the user to “express feelings and “let go”. This kind of letting go leaves traces, causing the product to change and adjust to the moods of its user by taking various shapes and forms – the product becomes ‘alive’.

Moody Nest 2010

Watch the Moody Nest in action following this link!


Oink – Pig Couch Hillhock by Pavia Burroughs

Pig Couch by Pavia Burroughs
Discovered this pig couch by Philadelphia, USA, based Pavia Burroughs via Moggit. Pavia designed it for her senior thesis show.

It was on Etsy, but disappeared there.

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Heretic Coffin Couch by Autum

Heretic - Coffin Couch by Autum
Heretic - Coffin Couch by Autum back
Heretic - Coffin Couch by Autum Chairchez La Femme
Heritic is an apt name for a Coffin Couch created by US based Autum. Photography by Philip Ritchie

Made from an 18 gauge steel coffin. The Heretic features 4 cast iron legs that support over 800 pounds, a hand built and sewn seating area tailored from Italian leather, and a roman numeral laser engraved ID plaque. Excuses for its overwhelming personality not included. Limited production run of 3.

Found via Whitezine.