The High Back Beach Chairs (Strandkorf or StrandKorb) of Bartelmann

Strandkorb or High Beach Chair by Bartelmann

In an attempt to revive the Classic Scheveningen High Back Beach Chair I blogged about it here and on my significant other blog.

Despite the fact that Google apparently has ousted Chairblog from their indexes after the recent change of hosting company, the photos of the two blog posts still appear on page 1 of a Google photo search. There I discovered Wohn- & Geschäftshaus Bartelmann seit 1903 im Ostseebad Kühlungsborn They also appear as Bartelmann . Com. It appears that Bartelmann has a shop, a B&B and also is one of the oldest producers still in operation of the typical High Back Beach Chairs for the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The Baltic high back beach chair is more rounded and the North Sea one more angular. If you like the models like I do, I suggest you search Google images for Strandkorf or Strandkorb, which gives results that come near what I meant.

Back to Bartelmann

Wilhelm Bartelmann opened shop as a basket maker October 7, 1870. In 1882 lady Efriede von Maltzahn had asked him to create a beach chair that could protect against too much sun and too much wind. Sun bathing was “not done” in those days in higher circles.
Wilhelm created the first beach chair from willow and cane, mockingly called by some “Upright Laundry Basket”. From there on the business started to thrive. Mind you, after he had created chairs for a Ducal Palace he was allowed to call himself Basket Maker by Appointment.

Here you can see Wilhelm, his wife and 5 children in one of his cane and willow high back beach chairs.

Possible to revive the Scheveningen High Back Beach Chair Design?

Scheveningen High Back Beach Chair 01

In a post of my significant other blog I started a plea to revive the very snug cane High Back Beach Chair of Scheveningen. Up to the seventies there was almost no Dutch Beach without this type of chair. Northern Gemany Beaches still do frequently use another type of High Back Beach chair. It’s main features are protection against the wind and more privacy on the beach.

Scheveningen High Back cane Beach Chair 02
Just thought to enhance the reach of that plea by posting additional photo’s of the historic Dutch High Back Beach chair here.

Dutch High Back cane Beach Chair

Although I like this variation best as its curvy appearance is much more elegant.

Or am I wrong and is it already out there?

Bentwood Rocking Chair after a design by Thonet

Rocking Chair with Cane Seating and Back after Thonet

Bentwood Rocking Chair after a design by Thonet.

Estimate * £800 – £1,200 ($1,216 – $1,824)
Sale 5903, christie’s interiors 19 May 2009
London, South Kensington

At Christie’s

tokyo design week 08: frank gehry tokyo bench at design tide

Frank Gehry ( or better craig webb and claire imatani of gehry partners)
designed the visitors bench for the world company building in tokyo,
japan’s largest fashion house with over 90 labels and 3000+ retail outlets.
the bench was manufactured by tomas osinski design inc., an architect-sculptor
who long worked for gehry.

Via Design Boom