New Chairs from Seung-Yong Song: Object-A, Object-B & Object-E

New chairs by Korean artist and designer Seung-Yong Song are part furniture, part art objects, part art installations:

Object-A: “I am looking in every nook and cranny of the room to find hidden spaces. Under the table, beneath the bed, above the wardrobe… All the space in the room is completely full of odds and ends. There’s no other choice. And I start building my object like the city’s tallest building seen from the window in the room.”

Object-B: “I climb on a chair. I put books on a ladder. If things are freed from their own unique functions, we might agonize over how to use this objects.”

Object-E: “The unique name of things limit the range of product’s shape and function, but above all, the fact that there exists stereotyped function in accordance with each unique name suppresses my imagination. I am not willing to deny or destroy the identity based on the stereotype, but I only reinterpret the uses I need in my own design language.”

KUBE by Ego

Ego’s new KUBE is not just a chair. Depending on your needs, it can easily be a pouf, a lounger, a sunbed and even a coffee table, too. Pool party, anyone?

Dual Cut Chair by Kitmen Keun

Dual Cut by Kitmen Keun 1

Dual Cut by Kitmen Keun

Dual Cut by Kitmen Keun

Take a block of foam and cut it with well measured cuts and voila you’ve made yourself a multifunctional chair. That is what Hong Kong designer Kitmen Keun did for the Belgium based manufacturer Six Inch

Table Sofa by Richard Hutten

Table Sofa by Richard Hutten

Table Sofa by Richard Hutten

And taking the opportunity to take a shot of the Table Sofa by Richard Hutten at
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Klaps Seat by Malafor: Add Some Mags & You’re Ready to Go

KLAPs seat by Polish designers Malafor is not a seat until you have a pile of magazines to help it become one. In order to sit on KLAPs you need to first put your magazines between the “KLAPses” and then tighten special belts at sides. The seat has wheels for easier moving , as it can get heavy with all your old reads, and its height depends on the amount of magazines you use.

Material: laminated MDF, belt, buckle

Size: 35 x 45 cm



P.S. If you’re more of a book reader, check out a similar idea from Harry Hassan –  The Strap It Stool.