Mystery Bentwood Chair

Via a comment one of my readers sent me photo’s of a mystery bentwood chair. From what I know from Thonet, they never produced bentwood chairs with styles of turned wood.
No labels or other imprints than an 8, or is it a scorpio or crab alike sign?
Maybe our readership has an idea?

Mystery Bench

Mystery Bench
Readers sometimes ask assistance to determine a piece of seating furniture.

Reverse Google Image search does not always help out and we have some very distinguished and knowledgeable readers here.

Anybody an idea of this bench’s provenance?

Lamp Chair by Richard Hutten? (solved) Pof 1 Chair

A friend bought this chair as a limited edition by Richard Hutten. I’ve looked around but didn’t find any reference…..



I’m glad I have so many dear readers who occasionally help me out.

Dear Guido, The so-called Lamp Chair on your blog this week is not by Richard Hutten himself, but has something to do with him. The chair was brought to market by Hidden at the time, a Dutch label in which Richard Hutten was closely involved. In any case, Hutten designed a number of furniture for Hidden, but if I am not mistaken, he was also the founder / owner of this label.

The chair in question is called ‘POF 1’, was designed in 1997 by the Swiss design collective N2 and is an adaptation of a classic model by the also Swiss manufacturer HorgenGlarus. At N2, at least Jörg Boner and Christian Deuber were involved. Below are a few useful links: -1

Hopefully I have answered your question about this chair for the most important part.

Kind regards, P v D

I kind of guessed already it was a Horgen Chair, but hesitated as I didn’t know of a connection between Richard and Horgenglarus…

Orange Leather and Chrome Tubular Rocking Chair

orange leather & chrome rocking chair

Orange Leather and Chrome Tubular Rocking Chair

A nice one. Pinned. Unfortunately no provenance.

This is post number 21 in an attempt to publish 100 Orange Chairs for Inauguration Day.

Golden Mystery Chair

Golden Mystery Chair

Golden Mystery Chair

Found it via missennah:

crazy ass chair!

Without further indication of its provenance.