S Chair by Tom Vaughan

S Chair by Tom Vaughan

S Chair by Tom Vaughan

S Chair by UK designer Tom Vaughan who can be reached through his company Object Studio.

8 thoughts on “S Chair by Tom Vaughan”

  1. Hm this is a reply to a request from a certain Anna for contact. I’ve deleted it since the website link provided didn’t work anymore.

    Sorry no and I also see his site doesn’t work properly….

      1. Not perfectly, but it seems to work with errors. I’ve re entered the site because of your comment. Appreciate it.

  2. Hello Anna
    Tom can be contacted via

    Hope this helps! I found the website worked on chrome

    [Ed: James I have removed telephone number and e-mail because I don’t want those shown because of the possibility they are used to spam]

  3. I saw your S chair on an Art Deco web page and my husband and I are intrigued. Do you still make them, can we order one and how much does it cost?
    Thank you for your time.

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