Barrow Star Gazer

Barrow Star Gazer

Barrow Star Gazer


Barrow Stargazer

A chair I made this christmas, built onto an old wheelbarrow frame for maneuverability. Influenced by Adirondack designs.  

Looking for a Volcanic Ash Observing Chair?

A fantastic photo of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption by Örvar-Atli
Since European Airspace is closed by the ash cloud from the Iceland volcano, you might be looking for a chair to start volcanic ash watching yourself. Especially since it seems it might last a couple of more days, or even weeks. Normally they call such chairs Astronomy Observing Chairs, or more simply Observing Chairs:

For instance in the Bino Chair 03 found at Gill’s photo site.

Or this one by Craig Colvin

Or the Astrowood observing chair.