Chieftain Chair by Finn Juhl

Chieftain Chair by Finn Juhl

Chieftain Chair by Finn Juhl

One of his most famous chairs, as I photographed it in 2017 in his residence in Ordrup, Danmark, a dependance of the Danish museum Ordrupgaard.

Still being produced by House of Finn Juhl.


W.H. Gispen Chair no 412

Red W.H. Gispen Chair no 412 Yellow W.H. Gispen Chair no 412 Bright Yellow W.H. Gispen Chair no 412 Beige W.H. Gispen Chair no 412 Naturel leather W.H. Gispen Chair no 412 White leather W.H. Gispen Chair no 412 Naturel and liver colored leather W.H. Gispen Chair no 412 Light Grey-Blue leather W.H. Gispen Chair no 412 Blue Manchester W.H. Gispen Chair no 412 Bright Yellow W.H. Gispen Chair no 412

Delft, a city in The Netherlands, had a Gispen Outlet [ed: until March 2023] where I photographed these 412 Chairs by Willem Herman Gispen. The 412 is Willem’s most popular chair and the fact these are the first 412’s here on the blog really has been an omission thus far.

Ice Cream Chair by Verner Panton

Ice Cream Chair by Verner Panton

I came across this Ice Cream Chair by Verner Panton in the Design Museum Danmark in Copenhagen.

Chair Blog on Instagram

byjuliaosovskayaEveryone, we have some exciting news – Chair Blog can now be found on Instagram at! We’ll be sharing interior inspiration and cool chair sightings from around the globe, so come follow along! And if you spot a famous chair in some glorious surroundings, use the hashtag #chairblog to let us see it too 😉

P.S. The chair pictured is a BKF Chair aka the “Butterfly Chair” by Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy. It’s produced by Knoll.

Photo: Julia Osovskaya

The Acapulco Chair

Chair Blog is 7,5 years old. This blog might as well be the biggest online chair encyclopedia out there. Is it any surprise that when I need info on a certain chair I first turn to Chair Blog?

Now imagine my surprise when even 7,5 years of blogging about chairs didn’t prove to be enough to return any items on my “Acapulco chair” search. I just had to step in and add this one to the collection!

acapulco1The brief history memo on the Apartment Therapy website shares the following:

Legend has it that a French tourist was visiting Acapulco in the ’50s and was uncomfortably hot atop a solidly-constructed chair in the Mexico sunshine. Inspired by the open string construction of traditional Mayan hammocks nearby, he designed a chair fit for the modern tropics.

So the first Acapulco chair was produced in the ’50s. It’s usually made of vinyl cords on a metal frame and has most commonly been used as outdoor lounge seating. However, the designers of today have been producing many variations on the classic, changing the shape of the frame and using other materials such as leather and cotton cord. Today the Acapulco chair is successfully used indoors, too.


I love how one can easily customize their Acapulco chair by using their favorite thrown on or a pillow or even by weaving over it. Search for the Acapulco chair on Pinterest, find your preferred version and you might just fall in love!

N.B. Let’s be fair though and mention that Guido happened to unknowingly add a glimpse of the Acapulco chair just recently. This post from October 21st features Claudia Cardinale posing in a… what appears to be an Acapulco chair! Great minds think alike, eh?

P.S. Yes, I’ve effectively stepped down from being a regular contributor to this beloved online publication a few years back due to a new demanding job (and therefore lack of time). I, however, have continued to help out with the Facebook page whenever I stumbled upon a worthy chair related piece of information.

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