Pala Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Luca Nichetto – 2018 IMM Cologne 07

At the Artifort Boot IMM Cologne: Pala Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Luca Nichetto

Klio 3-350 by Studio Hannes Wettstein – 2018 IMM Cologne 06

Horgenglarus is a small old Swiss furniture factory. It is Swiss oldest furniture factory.

It bends beech and oak for its chairs, but rather than ready made rods like Thonet it steam bends solid logs and after the bending carves out the chair parts like for this Klio Chair which combines classic chair making with a very modern look by the line of its back. The Klio was designed in 2014 by Simon Husslein and Stephan Hürlemann of Studio Hannes Wettstein.

570 Gender Lounge Chair by Patricia Urquiola – 2018 IMM Cologne 05

570 Gender Lounge Chair by Patricia Urquiola

Seen at the Cassina Stand at IMM Cologne: The 570 Gender by Patricia Urquiola. In the past I have complained about the fact her web presence was not up to her level as a star designers, but nowadays her website is more up to her level.

This lady couldn’t withstand a soft touch of the chair to sense the fabric:

570 Gender Lounge Chair

Chip Chair by Lucie Koldova – 2018 IMM Cologne 04

Designer Lucie Koldova has been invited by the IMM Cologne organisation to create Das Haus, a special exhibition with her view on the future of furniture.
She has collaborated with TON CZ, as a successor of one of the original Thonet factories well versed to create new forms of bentwood furniture. From this collaboration originated the Chip chair. The back clearly alike a potato chip rather than a chair made from wood chips as other chip chairs on this blog show.

At first I’ll share my own photos with my dear readers. Later I’ll share TON CZ photo’s.

Moai Lounge Chair by Philip Bro Ludvigsen – 2018 IMM Cologne 03

Moai Lounge Chair front view

Moai Lounge Chair side view

Moai Lounge Chair

Is a design from Philip Bro Ludvigsen of 2016 for Softline DK.

Philip Bro Ludvigsen was born in Australia in 1962 and educated at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design.
He founded his own design studio in Copenhagen and in his short career, he has already designed an impressive number of products and projects ranging from suburban trains to candlesticks.

Softline DK

Did I ever feature Softline? (Just checking Softline in my site search? see right column top): The answer is “No” the Softline that comes up is an Italian factory and this Softline is a Danish company. Hence the addition DK by me.
Originally Sofline was established as the furniture division of K.Balling-Engelsen a/s in 1979. The company was producing polyurethane foam for the Nordic furniture industry. Softline was created to make functional furniture for the modern lifestyle, using the foam.