Miniatur Stuhl

I found the German site Miniatur Stuhl which means Miniature Chair in English. The photo is from Dirk Dowald, a German Collector of Miniature chairs and owner of the blog.

He started with collecting Vitra Miniatures, but added later other brands, moreover he occasionally makes his own miniature. Amazing and a very good blog albeit in the German Language. You can use Google translate to understand it if you cannot reed German.

I’ve added it to Chairblog’s Top Inspiring Chair Design Blogs and Sites.

Pothole Guerilla Gardener

Pothole Guerilla Gardener

Pothole Guerilla Gardener

Pothole garden number 5 (by thepotholegardener)

Nano Rietveld Red and Blue, Zig Zag and Steltman Chairs

Nano Rietveld Red and Blue

rietveld zig zag and Stelman on scale 1/144

Nano Rietveld Red and Blue, Zig Zag and Steltman Chairs

NanoTray is a site where Maarten (or Max) Meerman, a Dutch rocket scientist, shares his hobby of miniaturizing stuff. It is not exactly nano sized, but close: The scale is 1:144.
For the celebration of the Rietveld Year back in 2010 Max made this Rietveld Red and Blue miniature , but also a Zig Zag and a Steltman Chair. All are on loan to the Utrecht Centraal Museum which has probably the largest Rietveld collection.

Funny part of the story is: I found him via Pinterest and he found me via Twitter…full circle round.

Sweet Chairs from Sapore dei Mobili. Literally. – Milan 2012

Rui Pereira and Ryosuke Fukusada of Sapore dei Mobili created a “furniture pan” for tiny cakes shaped like interior objects in an attempt to “give new meaning to the notion of ‘good taste’ in furniture”. It’s said to be a comment on “how consumers are unable to digest the huge amount of new products that companies are launching each year.”

Personally, I love the idea behind it more than the presentation of the product itself. But maybe once they find a manufacturer and work out the final details it’d all look more bite-worthy.


Vintage Karl Lagerfeld Chair Earrings

These vintage over-sized style chair earrings with diamante embellishment by Karl Lagerfeld circa ’80s are part of Susan Caplan’s collection and are available at Asos. Gotta love how convincing they are, I almost want to sit down!