Flock Lounge Chair by Kateryna Sokolova

Flock Lounge Chair by Kateryna Sokolova for Noom

Today is our 17th aniversary. I started this blog April 30, 2007 and this is post 5,475.

About Flock

The “Flock” furniture collection draws on the idea that home is a place of comfort, sanctuary, and gathering and should be filled with personalized, character-rich, and eye-catching statement objects.

Soft, voluptuous, sensual forms, natural materials, and pleasant-to-the-touch surfaces reflect a desire for warmth and cocooning.

“Subtly curved artistic silhouettes, soft fabric, and wooden legs define the furniture’s relaxation and cuteness. We wanted to create furniture that would become part of the family, intimate and beloved,” – said Kateryna Sokolova, designer of the Flock collection.

The name “Flock,” which means “to move or come together,” refers to the collection’s role as a peaceful oasis and the main meeting space within the home.

Designer: Kateryna Sokolova
Materials: wood, plywood, foam rubber, injection-molded soft foam, textile
Dimensions: H 72 cm, W 90 cm, D 99 cm | seat H 44 cm

About Kateryna Sokolova

Ukrainian industrial designer Kateryna Sokolova was born in 1984.
She is co-founder and creative director of the brand NOOM and SOKOLOVA design studio.
Design team working in a wide range of disciplines: furniture, lighting, hardware, electronics, environment.
Kateryna graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.
And held an internship at German Design University “Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle”
She is master of Industrial Design.

Participant and winner of a lot of European design exhibitions and competitions.
The most important of them Red Dot Design Award 2015.
From 2011 till 2017 collaborated with French company Jarre Technologies, related to develop and design video and
musical hi-tech product around the name and the experience of famous french musician Jean Michel Jarre.
Today, Kateryna is an internationally established designer based in Kiev.
Collaborate with European and Asian companies.
Among clients: Ligne Roset, Jarre Technologies, Forestier, Bolia, Roche Bobois, Casala, Driade, Noom.

Lounge Chair Basque by Eichholz – M&O 2017 (06)

Lounge Chair Basque by Eichholz

I see I have an enourmous backlog in showing my own photo’s here. This is mainly because I haven’t taken the time to find a proper title on many occasions or noted even creator or designer. The main reason for starting now to work on this is the fact that I now can try to identify the chairs I took photo’s of via Google lens.

I first believed this is the Ralph Lauren Hudson Street lounge chair, but it is a replica. I’m missing 4 nuts on the sides…I had hoped Maison & Object in Paris would have banned a replica….but not….Eichholz “works with in house designers err I would say copiists”

Luckily I had a photo of a tag.


Prototype Feltri Chair by Gaetano Pesce on Wright

Prototype Feltri Chair

A Happy 2024 to you all. Like last year I’ll try to post at least once per day in 2024. Last year, after Easter, I stopped when I was hospitalized for 10 days and had to lie down for a couple of weeks. Then my whole rhythm had disappeared. A new Year with new chances!

Prototype Feltri Chair by Gaetano Pesce

Lot 140 at a Wright Auction (same as lot 140 at the Lama Auction) shows us:

one of Pesce’s two original studies for the Feltri chair. The felt is covered in rubber, which allows it to be washed and waterproofed. This prototype’s base is made of bent felt treated with a rigid resin; this idea was later abandoned because of the materials’ fragility.


Torq Armchair by Daniel Libeskind

Torq Armchair by Daniel Libeskind

My New Year’s resolution for 2023 was to post here one post per day this year. Unfortunately I was taken up in Hospital shortly after Easter and had to be lying horizontally for a couple of weeks…I’m up again at May 5 and will be backdating a couple of posts to keep the New Years’s Resolution “intact”

Balboa Armchair

Balboa Armchair

Via Serena and Lily

I’m so glad to have the site moved and operational again. It is possible I’m going to post more than one post per day: photo’s and as little tekst as possible.

Currently I’ve fallen in love with cane chairs. At the beginning of the 2021 Summer this seems apt as a caned seat and back make a chair airy, light and comfortable as the cane stretches a little bit under your weight.

The Balboa Chair is chique as well because both the inside and outside are made of cane.