Orange Tolix H Stool by Xavier Pauchard

Orange Tolix H Stool by Xavier Pauchard

Orange Tolix H Stools by Xavier Pauchard

Orange Tolix H Stool by Xavier Pauchard

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This is post number 65 in an attempt to publish 100 Orange Chairs for Inauguration Day.

Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler

Pressed chair is a pressed aluminium chair by Harry Thaler that comes flat and can be bent into a super-light stackable chair.

The end result is light enough to be lifted with only two fingers, but extremely strong and durable even without any external structural support. Thaler’s creation is indeed a chair that pushes the limits of minimization and material!



Slight Rocker by Charlie McArthur

The Slight Rocker is a round rocking, stackable stool by American designer Charlie McArthur designed as part of his graduate thesis project. It was an investigation into breaking down barriers to open interaction in social settings through designed objects and the shared experience of physical motion.


Stray Bullet Chair by Design da Gema

The Stray Bullet Chair by a Brazilian design studio Design da Gema was inspired by a real chair that was stuck in a bar shooting, from the designers:

Survivor chair turns into luxury item. Chairs were target of shooting at a carioca bar from the Northern Zone of Rio de Janeiro. One of them, severely injured, was brought to our studio and, with luck, resisted the tragedy. And so, we celebrate it with our new Stray Bullet Collection.

Materials: Plastic chair, Eyelets
Available colors: Black or Gray
Limited edition of 12 units
Price upon request | Each piece is unique
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WIKL by Gerlinde Gruber: a Stool to Walk and Live With

WIKL is a lovely portable stool by Gerlinde Gruber, but with five and a half meters of luscious satin fabric wrapped around its dark wooden trestle and knotted in circle handles, it looks like it could be some avant-garde fashion designer’s idea of a women’s handbag. In reality, the stool is meant to be carried if needed!

In addition to its attractive looks, WIKL is stackable and is easy to clean and reclothe.