Fromme and Fromme Soft by Tom Chung for Petite Friture

Fromme by Tom Chung
Fromme Soft by Tom Chung

When checking my post about the Algon Chair at Arflex I noted Lucca Nichetto also works with several other manufaturers and Petite Friture catched my eye as a strange sort of name for a furniture brand, but it is a furniture brand already for 10 years.

About the Fromme Chair:

This design was inspired by the personal story of Tom Chung. An experienced cyclist, he used to climb Fromme Mountain outside of Vancouver and was fascinated by the technical performance of his bike. He sought to rediscover the efficiency that the latter brought him to reinvent the most common object and yet the greatest challenge for a designer: a design chair.

About Tom Chung

Tom Chung, b. ’90 Vancouver BC

Canada, is an independent industrial designer

who established his eponymous studio

in 2016. The studio creates context

driven industrial design pieces for domestic,

institutional and public environments.

Installation “In Place” by Anna Maria Maiolino (with Chair)

I had shared earlier work by Anna Maria Tumblrd aand found this on her site

In Atto is rendered by two women: the young performer, Sandra Lessa, and the elder, Anna Maria Maiolino. The artist’s participation in this work exudes metaphoric and symbolic aspects, as a support for bringing the youngster back to life.

The work shows life-affirming aspects of rituals related to pain, repression and death. Sandra, the young performer, composes a language of voiced sounds associated to the dramatization of her body. The soundscape works with a language of its own, with an extra-grammatical sense, and without losing the feeling of the dimensions of the creative act in the making. The corporal dramatization in IN ATTO, compared to a shamanic rite with its shouts and movements, stirs the self-restoration of life over death. The body, initially inert and wrapped in bandages, as the performance unfolds feeds on itself, is regenerated and returns to life.

Pink Clam Chair by Philip Arctander

Found this Clam Chair by Philip Arctander at Chairish.

Like VNTG (Vintage) Chairish is an online platform to sell inter alia seating furniture.


H 269 Streamline Armchair by Jindřich Halabala for Spojene UP Zavody

VNTG shows us this H 269 Streamline Armchair by Jindřich Halabala for Spojene UP Zavody.

Deckchair by Cohda for Globe

This may light you up when you open it at Cohda’s site.

I have paid attention to design studio Cohda and its owner Richard G Liddle earlier. This time it is for their cooperation with Globe, a manufacturer of skate boards, that resulted in this deckchair made from parts typically developed for use in skateboard production.