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Press – Or what other People Say about Chair Blog

I have created this page to thank the referrers. Sometimes It will contain links to old Chair Blog Tumblr pages that I have phased out for various reasons (see the Chair Blog | Tumblr page for the complete story).

You will understand this is a work in process.

I used Google’s Blog Search and Technorati Status to check incoming links from time to time, but I also monitored my site with various counters from which I used Woopra the most during a certain period, because it is real time. Google notoriously didn’t catch all trackbacks nor does Technorati, even after it’s major 2009 site rebuild….and both discontinued the services since.

I really do like to be linked, blogrolled, Tumblrd, Wisted, Journalized or quoted! Thanks all!

Do send me a note via our contact page if I overlooked your link.

7 thoughts on “Press”

  1. Hi chair-nuts !
    This blog about chairs is a really good idea !
    I am an artist,nothing to do with a designer and beating about chairs for more than 10 years.Chairs represent to me human characters or identities.; I talk through chairs. I will exhibit my”trouble-makers”from the 3rd to 26th of september at FONDATION TAYLOR 1,rue La Bruyère 75009 Paris..
    I would like to share an image with you but don’t know if I will be accepted among you.

  2. looks like nobody visits the site. another web site dead zone…. To bad, i make one piece burl benches and chairs.

  3. any one who wants to see magnificent, sock-knocker-offer, eye-candy wood sculpture e-mail me. I make one piece burl chairs.

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