Cane Weaving into Chair Seating

I had a draft post describing how to wave cane into a chair seating, but this video from Peerless Rattan is much easier to understand:

And another one from Andrew and Mark Hoskins:

In their Twitteraccount I found this artistic Chairback:

Tha rudeigin rud beag sònraichte agam dhuibh. Toir sùil aithghearr air an dealbh seo. Dè ur beachd? Nach e a tha mìorbhailteach? Tha Marc air an ruinneag Nollaig a fighe. ‘S e obair uabhasach doirbh a th’ann, gun teagamh. Creid mi gu bheil mo bhrathair a tha uabhasach robairneach


Boogaloo Lazy Chair by Aura Living- M&O 2017 (02)

Boogaloo Lazy Chair by Aura Living
Boogaloo Lazy Chair by Aura Living

About Aura Living

CV Aura Living is an Indonesian company and it seems its website is out of order, but from the new and excellent M&O platform MOM (Mason et Object and More) you can get some background info on the company.
The Boogaloo Lazy Chair is handmade and the blocked cover consists of patched lighter and darker leather blocks.

Brodgar straw back chair by Gareth Neal and Kevin Gauld

Brodgar straw back chair by Gareth Neal and Kevin Gauld

Brodgar straw back chair by Gareth Neal and Kevin Gauld

Via Design Hunter

Hybrid No2 by Merve Kahraman

Hybrid No2 is a bunnie-esque armchair complete with ears and paws and is part of the Hybrid collection by a London based designer Merve Kahraman. Sit down and try on a pair of ears! Or, come over to the dark side and try on a pair of horns

Hybrid No1 by Merve Kahraman

HYBRID is the “animalistic” collection by Merve Kahraman where a chair unites with its owner, merging into one. Hybrid No1 is an armchair with horns – it’s handmade and available in different types and colors of leather.

Merve Kahraman (born in 1987) studied Interior Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design(Milan/Italy) before moving to London. Since graduating, she has worked in several architecture and design studios in Istanbul, New York and London. Her decision to specialize in industrial design stems from her desire to include furniture and products as an integral part of her designs for spaces. Currently, she is continuing her masters education in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London/UK) and working on her own industrial design projects.