Snow Therapy – Healthy Electric Chair?

Snow Therapy - Healthy Electric Chair

Snow Therapy – Healthy Electric Chair?


Schnee bath, from Edward Reginald Morton and Elkin Cumberbatch’s – Essentials of Medical Electricity (Third Edition), 1916

Electric Chair with Butterflies by Bertozzi and Casoni


Electric Chair with Butterflies

Is an entirely ceramic chair installation by Italian ceramic artists Bertozzi and Casoni (Giampaolo Bertozzi and Stefano dal Monte Casoni), currently on display in Museum Beelden aan Zee here in The Hague.

One of Andy’s Electric Chairs

One of Andy's Electric Chairs

One of Andy’s Electric Chairs


Early electric chair – Andy Warhol

Darren Lago‘s ‘Electric Chair’ (2003)


Darren Lago‘s ‘Electric Chair’ (2003)

Via Piet Mondriaan dot Com

Electric Chairs by Robert Wilson for Kartell (at Teatro alla Scala, Milan)

Electric chairs… Need I say more? Apparently, yes, as it’s not what you probably think it is! Here, we’re talking about one good-looking showcase by Kartell – “7 Electric Chairs… As You Like It” at Teatro alla Scala in Milan:

The collection is a collaborative effort between Kartell and Robert Wilson, American director and stage designer, in celebration of Wilson’s 70th birthday. The seven chair-sculptures are made of transparent polycarbonate with white colored neon lights inserted inside.

Why 7 and why it’s the way we like it, you ask? Let’s hear it from the designer, Mr. Wilson himself:

“From the number seven. Seven days of the week. I am 70 years old, seven decades, seven deadly sins and there are many more references in philosophy, mathematics. Shakespeare’s play ‘As you like it’ contains the seven ages of man, there are seven dwarfs in Snow white and there is the soft drink 7UP. Seven has always been a number that interested me.”

The collection was on display at the “Arturo Toscanini” box foyer at the Teatro alla Scala di Milano in Milan, Italy, September 19-30.

1st image – chairs display, 2d & 3d images – chairs n1, 2, 3 & n5, 6, 7 respectively. Photos courtesy of Kartell.