Pogo by Kokoon Design

Pogo by Kokoon Design

Pogo stools by Belgium-based company Kokoon Design feature removable cushions and hollow centers and come in a variety of colors: white, black, orange, red, pink and silver. The stools are made of solidified plastic and the circular cushions are crafted from wear-resistant fabric.

Via bamarang.co.uk

Yellow 70ies Pop Art Chair

Yellow Pop Art Chair
Found this 70ies Yellow Plastic Pop Art Chair at Antique Helper

Old Plastic Roller Blinds Become A Chair: TRIS by Tenenbaum Hazan

The TRIS chair by design studio Tenenbaum Hazan is made from plastic roller blinds. To preserve and reuse the materials, they’ve designed a closed wooden structure in which the blinds are held. One side — where you sit — is flexible while the other side is locked.

Founded in 1994, Tenenbaum Hazan is a boutique industrial design studio located in Herzliya Pituach, one of Israel’s major centers of innovation and high technology. The studio is owned and managed by Noam Tenenbaum and Izaq Hazan, graduates of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

Stray Bullet Chair by Design da Gema

The Stray Bullet Chair by a Brazilian design studio Design da Gema was inspired by a real chair that was stuck in a bar shooting, from the designers:

Survivor chair turns into luxury item. Chairs were target of shooting at a carioca bar from the Northern Zone of Rio de Janeiro. One of them, severely injured, was brought to our studio and, with luck, resisted the tragedy. And so, we celebrate it with our new Stray Bullet Collection.

Materials: Plastic chair, Eyelets
Available colors: Black or Gray
Limited edition of 12 units
Price upon request | Each piece is unique
Found via design-milk.com

The Sea Chair Project

The Sea Chair Project aims to solve the problem of plastic, one chair at a time. Creative minds behind the idea, Azusa Murakami, Alexander Groves & Kieran Jones, made a machine that collects and processes the plastic from marine debris, and are now looking for funding to turn a small fishing trawler into a fully functioning chair making factory – you can help by voting for them here.

From the creators:

“The Sea Chair is a project whereby we hope to collect the considerable volume of micro plastic that pollutes our seas and turn this waste into locally produced sea chairs.

We hope to do this with the help of Britain’s declining fishing fleet, by turning one Cornish fishing boat into a fully functioning plastic chair factory. Having been short-listed for the Victorinox 2011 Time-to-care award, we hope to secure enough funding to sail this boat across the open oceans fabricating chairs along the way.”

The Sea Chair Project will be exhibiting at The Dublin Science Gallery at the end of the year, and the series of chairs produced are to be exhibited at Milan 2012.