Top Inspiring Chair Design Blogs and Sites

1) Top Inspiring Chair Design Blogs and Sites

Our two lists, the first of the more and the second of the less active sites

(Last edited by gje on Jan 12, 2023)

In Alphabetic Order the more active list:

  1. 1stDibsportal for design sources like galleries, exhibitions and auction houses.
  2. Archie Expo: portal for architects and designers.
  3. Architonic: portal for architects and designers.
  4. Archi Products :portal for architects and designers.
  5. Artifort (NL): Dutch chair manufacturer.
  6. B&B Italia (I): Italian chair manufacturer.
  7. Bernhardt Design (USA): US based chair manufacturer.
  8. B E D (Blog Esprit Design): France based design blog.
  9. Capellini (I): Italian chair manufacturer.
  10. Carpenters Workshop: a London based Gallery with a lot of chair design in their exhibitions.
  11. Cassina (I), Italian chair manufacturer.
  12. Chairish: a portal to offer second hand furniture (inter alia)
  13. Contemporist: blog.
  14. Core77 Blog: blog.
  15. Coroflot: portal with designers’ portfolios of Core77 Blog
  16. Demisch Danant a Gallery in NYC and rep in Paris specialized in French mid Century design
  17. Designboom: huge design blog.
  18. Design Addict: blog. But it is so big, you could easily call it a portal and it has an important Belgian chair collector behind it.
  19. Design Milk: blog.
  20. Designers Block UK: blog by Di Overton, a (chair) designer herself.
  21. Dezeen: blog.
  22. Dornob: blog.
  23. DriadeItalian chair manufacturer.
  24. Dwell: blog of a design magazine.
  25. Furniture Fashion: blog. Earlier known as: Furniture Store Blog.
  26. Furniture Love: Belgian vintage furniture webshop.
  27. Gärsnäs: Swedish chair manufacturer.
  28. Herman Miller: US chair manufacturer.
  29. Knoll: US chair manufacturer.
  30. Minimalissimo: Dutch originated Design Blog.
  31. Miniatur Stuhl German Language Miniature Chair Blog
  32. Phillips (Formerly Phillips de Pury and Company): auctionhouse based in London and New York City.
  33. PP Møbler: Danish chair manufacturer.
  34. R & Company gallery with a lot of Brazilean chair design.
  35. Style Park: added Sept 2011, a miriad of chairs on a site of interior decorators. Impressive!
  36. Thonet (DE): German chair manufacturer.
  37. Vervlogen Jaren: Dutch shop with mid century furniture and interesting chairs.
  38. Vintage or VNTG a Dutch portal for mid century design.  Earlier known as: Retro Start.
  39. Vitra: Swiss/German chair manufacturer.
  40. Wiener Moebel: Swiss Thonet specialist Dieter Staedeli.
  41. Wright: Chicago based auction house with many chairs in its auctions.
  42. Yanko Design: blog.
  43. Yatzer: blog.

And the not so active list also alphabetically:

    1. 1001 chair sketches: blog by Michael Dharmawan.
    2. Best Chair Design: blog.
    3. Chair du Jour: blog with 365 hand painted chairs, created in 2009
    4. Chair Whore: photo blog of chairs, see Chair Who? Chair Whore!
    5. Cargo Collective: portal.
    6. Chairs and Buildings and Chairs and Buildings 2: a blog by Annie Coggan.
    7. Christopher Adache: designer with a design blog.
    8. Danilo Calvache: Designer with his own blog.
    9. Interior Design Room: blog.
    10. Maison 21 blog with a rss side roll which inspired me to introduce it here as well
    11. Sit and Read Furniture: blog of a Brooklyn, NYC, based mid century chair specialist. As of January 2011 he has moved to
    12. Vintage Verity: blog.

    2) Chair Inspiration World Wide

    When I started with Chair Blog, I didn’t imagine that this voyage into chairs and chair design would become so overwhelming and massive. In order to create some order I’ve decided to bring the most inspiring resources together on this page. The sheer number of people who are involved in chair design is overwhelming in itself. Add to that the different views one can have on chair design and the many materials one can use for a chair….

    3) Who are the Chair designers?

    They stem from different angles. You have artists who design chairs, even dedicated chair artists.
    However, in most cases chair design is part of a greater whole. The designer then is only part time involved in seating design.
    Historically architects have been engaged not only in designing buildings and homes, but also in interiors. Some architects even were involved  in furniture design. Later a separation evolved between architects, interior architects and designers. Hence chairs are designed and created by artists, by architects, by interior architects, by industrial designers, by dedicated furniture designers and last but not least by furniture craftsman. In addition there are great portals, great chair distributors, great design blogs an great chair manufacturers who’s sites can further the general knowledge on the subject.

    4) Inspiration for this list

    This page is reflects a question to myself: “Which sites have I been quoting most?” or “Which sites offer most for further reference?” and is further inspired by some Interior Design Blog lists:


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