Shot by Richard Kern


Shot by Richard Kern

As a prelude to another shocking chair episode this photo by US photographer Richard Kern which was published in his book Model Release

Some people see this as another piece of evidence of female suppression in art. I would say “Hiding from the photographer in the lavatory chair”

Lavatory Seats at Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan

All seats at Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan are made of toilet bowls and all the tables are nothing else but sinks and bath tubs. You are served your food in toilet seat shaped bowls and plates in the shape of toilet seat covers… Oh, bon appetit, chair lovers!

Big thanks to Koryn Iledan for the photos.

Piano “Stool” by Helmut Palla

Helmut Palla is a real tongue in cheek chair designer based in Vienna. I have disregarded him too long here. His Klovier Hocker – German non expression that could be translated as “Stool with parts I’ve cut from the piano” – is one from 1996.


Wood, iron or words, all of them are cutted, deformed, distorted, disarranged. Sort of violence so I try to minimalize the injury of the existing & maximize the effect of the new impression with the precision of a surgeon. Sometimes it’s amputation, reducing to the essence, keeping only the bones & the identity.

You can count him in the same league – of Poetic Chair Clowns maybe(?) – as Pablo Reinoso and Martino Gamper

Famous Lavatory Seats

Famous by the women sign toilet seat
famous by the men sign Lavatory Seat
Recently I visited the film museum of Turin in Italy and there the lavatory seats are derivatively famous because of the toilet signs;-)