Wicker Woman

Wicker Woman

And then I discover a blog site by Wicker Woman. All about weaving chair seats.

Dinosaur Blogger Confessions is my fave post…

Coolia’s Icecream Cone Stool

Coolia's Icecream Cone Stool

Coolia’s Icecream Cone Stool

Coolia is a nickname I’ve invented for my cool coauthor Julia Osovskaya (don’t forget to read all posts of Julia) and when I found this photo on her FB timeline I couldn’t resist publishing it here.

Bommel by MYK: Pom Pom Poufs & a Chair

Bommel by MYK

The Bommel collection by MYK is entirely crafted by hand. Several hundred wool threads are bundled, rolled, tied and cut to be made into pom poms of various sizes, and each piece of the collection is made of up to 1300 of such woolen balls. The amount calls for about 45 kilos of wool for a single furniture object!

MYK was set up in 2009 by the academically qualified fashion designer Myra Klose. She studied fashion design at Trier and Madrid universities ( 1992 – 1996 ) and has since been working professionally in Austria and Germany.

Tattooed Skull Chair by Scott Campbell

Tattooed skull chair by critically acclaimed tattoo artist and owner of Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn Scott Campbell.

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Eden, the Tenango Sound Chair by Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers

Eden, the Tenango Sound Chair by Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers takes its inspiration from the colorful embroidery of Mexico’s Otomi Indians, creating a “daring remix on Natuzzi’s iconic Sound Chair”.

The chair is manufactured by Studio 180°.