Stool for Tabourettli Theater, Basel, by Santiago Calatrava

This Stool for the Tabourettli Theater in Basel, Switzerland, by Santiago Calatrava for de Sede was auctioned in September 2003 when Wright auctioned parts of the Michael and Gabriella Boyd Collection. For me it is the first time I notice a chair design by Santiago Calatrava .

Chubby Stool by Allain Gilles

Cubby Stool

Chubby Stool by Allain Gilles for Verreum.

The idea behind the “Chubby Stool” was to create a piece in glass which conveyed a real warmth and which could really be comfortable. Hence its generous forms and friendly curves.

The outer shape of the stool is like the revolved curve of an iconic milk stool. So the Chubby stool plays on an iconic shape while using unusual material combination for a stool.

The combination of the fabric and glass creates an unexpected feeling since these two materials are never used together in a single product. Glass has never been a material to be upholstered but now it has been – for the very first time, by our reckoning. In this case, the mirrored glass base will reflect the surrounding room, but also partly the fabric of the upholstered top.

The upholstered foam will generate a warm feeling but also protect the stool in case it happens to fall over.

8 legged Rolling Stool by Wendy Andreu


The 8 Legged Stools on Wheels are made following the idea of absurd complexity. The function of the object is emphasized by over exaggerating its features. The 8 legs bring a certain heaviness to the piece that needs to be carried by wheels.

The sculptural stools are carefully handcrafted in steel, and patinated following two types of hues: Black Shaded color way and Decay color way.

Weny Andreu was born in 1990 in Oloron-Ste-Marie, France.

She graduated Cum Laude from Design Academy Eindhoven.