Black Strand Korb – High Back Beach Chair

Black Strandkorb-_MG_2379


Strand Korb

We have a small series here about Beach Chairs, mainly those moderately reclining models with a high back that can protect you against wind and a bit of rain as well. I’ve devoted one post exclusively to the Strand Korb: The High Back Beach Chairs (Strandkorf or StrandKorb) of Bartelmann.


The Floriade is a one in ten year event in the Netherlands where all horticulture is brought together in a huge fair where the horticulture industry of The Netherlands and from abroad presents itself to the general public. It is a real spectacle. It still lasts until October 7, 2012.

The Floriade Park covers 66 hectares and encompasses 5 unique themed worlds separated by wooded areas. Each world has its own decor, programme and activities. Worlds in which you’ll see, feel and experience nature in a totally different way each time.

I’ve visited it in June and found this reasonably priced (€ 1,500) Black Strand Korb from modern materials rather than the willowy ones from the past. The distributor wrongfully named it a Beach House.

Classic Hammock by La Seora

Design Milk reminds us it was National Hammock Day in the US yesterday – and indeed, what could be a better way to celebrate than spend it lounging in a hammock? Especially if it’s one of the La Seora luxurious creations.

Their Classic Version is an International award winning design carefully crafted using the highest quality marine plywood and stainless steel. The hammock is designed to count in the shape of your body allowing you to “relax in a correct posture without slouching, unlike conventional hammocks with net and fabric do, so you can relax in perfect comfort”. And there’s even Alpine Version, in case it’s winter where you are and you still want to celebrate!

Dimensions: Length 310cm x Width 80cm (105cm with Stand)

Happy late Hammock Day, all!

Early Westport Chair


Early Westport Chair

Found this photo of an early Westport Chair somewhere on the web. Also found DIY instuctions at This Old House‘s site, maybe to peruse myself.

The Westport Chair was first built by Thomas Lee of Westport, New York, for his family home, but it was Harry Bunnell who patented the design 5 years after Thomas built it and produced it until the 1930ies.

Terrace Chair by Kaare Bækgaard


Outdoor furniture usually follow a limited number of existing conventions. The Terrace Chair is an attempt to go outside the rules or define a new convention: While being instantly recognizable, it looks somewhat different from what you would expect to find at your home & garden center.

The bulk of the chair is rotation moulded in polyethylene with a base of stainless steel. It is quite low-tech and requires little maintenance – just leave it out all year and give it a wash now and then. But when it is time to party, connect a low voltage cable to the bottom of the base and the chair will glow invitingly in the dark and provide ambience to the scene.

The body of the chair is only slightly elastic but it has a soft embracing feel due to the rounded, organic shape. The chair is easily disassembled into clearly marked elements according to the cradle-to-cradle principle.

The Terrace Chair is looking for a manufacturer.

Via, Kaare’s Design Studio.

Fifty Outdoor Chair by Dogg and Arnved Design – 2012 IMM Cologne (15)

Fifty by Dogg and Arnved Design-_MG_1319



Found the Fifty Outdoor Easy Chair by Danish designers Dogg and Arnved Design at the 2012 IMM Cologne booth of Ligne Roset.