Installation “In Place” by Anna Maria Maiolino (with Chair)

I had shared earlier work by Anna Maria Tumblrd aand found this on her site

In Atto is rendered by two women: the young performer, Sandra Lessa, and the elder, Anna Maria Maiolino. The artist’s participation in this work exudes metaphoric and symbolic aspects, as a support for bringing the youngster back to life.

The work shows life-affirming aspects of rituals related to pain, repression and death. Sandra, the young performer, composes a language of voiced sounds associated to the dramatization of her body. The soundscape works with a language of its own, with an extra-grammatical sense, and without losing the feeling of the dimensions of the creative act in the making. The corporal dramatization in IN ATTO, compared to a shamanic rite with its shouts and movements, stirs the self-restoration of life over death. The body, initially inert and wrapped in bandages, as the performance unfolds feeds on itself, is regenerated and returns to life.


Bench Installation by Juan Muñoz

Bench Installation by Juan Muñoz

Bench Installation by Juan Muñoz. Also laughing pals.

Laughing Pals by Juan Muñoz

A Chair installation by Juan Muñoz. An excellent addition for our Chairchez L’Homme tag

Merry Christmas

Christmas tree of chairs
We whish all our readers a Merry Christmas with this Christmas tree of chairs that a friend jus sent me. The photo is by Nils Sager and the location Amman-Hofer-Platz in Interlaken, Switserland.

Very eco conscious a Christmas tree of chairs, as there are too many chairs in the world already and each and every day more chairs are produced and there are not trees enough around.

construction of the Christmas tree of chairs

2017 is the third year the Chair Christmas tree being construed in Interlaken. The installation is an idea of Barbara Kiener of the Kulturgarage. First they erect a steel construction like the ones used for real Christmastrees…however they fill it with tons of pebbles to keep the structure stable enough for a tree of 6 meter hight and 3 meter wide.

Source: Jungfrauzeitung 2015 and 2016

Who is the Boss here? – Ton Maria Nijhoff

Bird over chair and chair over globe ‘Who is the Boss here’ is a chair installation by Ton Maria Nijhof

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