Red Blue Armchair by Gerrit Rietveld

In November 2019 Wright auctioned parts of the Boyd collection where this Red Blue Chair was sold for $21,250.

Art Deco Armchair by Jindřich Halabala for Thonet

Found this 30ies Art Deco Armchair by Jindřich Halabala for Thonet at the VNTG site

S 3001 Arm Chair by Christoph Zschoke for Thonet

S 3001 Lounge Chair by Christoph Zschoke for Thonet

Found it at the VNTG site.

About VNTG (Vintage)

VNTG combines the collections of 300+ European vintage furniture dealers in one overview, making it ideal to browse – compare – shop. The mix of start-up traders and well-established experts makes the offer on VNTG vary from affordable (anonymous) design up to the most iconic pieces.

How does VNTG work?

VNTG works as a referral portal: find the items on VNTG, buy directly from the dealer. To buy an item or ask a question: use the ‘E-mail dealer’ button. VNTG dealers are charged €0,20 for every referral to their website, they don’t pay commission over sales. Therefor, VNTG dealers are able to present their best prices. Registration is not needed for VNTG, only when using the wish list.


In 2008, Pieter and Margriet Akkerman started a website, listing Dutch vintage design professionals, then called ‘RetroStart’. It didn’t take long for professionals outside Holland to show interest in the list as well. The site was converted into a .com domain to welcome international dealers. In 2011, an important feature was launched: ITEMS. The collections of the dealers were now directly visible on RetroStart. From that point, the site grew steadily into being an important starting point for both professionals and the public, with the number of joining dealers reaching 150. The following year was a memorable one, organizing the kick-off edition of trade show Design Icons Amsterdam. The latest changes to the site were made in 2017: major improvements to the usability, launching the wish list and introducing the new name VNTG.

Design Icons Amsterdam

Once a year, VNTG invites the public to come to Design Icons Amsterdam: one of the largest trade shows in Europe for vintage design furniture. 75 professionals, including many VNTG dealers, offer their furniture for sale to professionals and the broad public. Design Icons takes place in the inspiring, industrial venue of former marine engine factory De Kromhouthal, in the North of Amsterdam.

Vintage is not for nothing featured on our Inspiration Page quite some time now.

X Chair with Arms by Maria Pergay

Maria Pergay is represented in NYC by Demisch Danant. She is well known by her Stainless Steel work…among it Stainless Steel chairs like this X Chair.

About Maria Pergay

When Maria Pergay began her career in 1956, post-war modernism in France was energetically accelerating. Young architects were developing an approach to interiors and furniture meant to accommodate the pressing requirements of urbanization. Their ideas, focused largely on function, dominated the field with a utopian spirit that was permeating society as a whole. In the midst of this moment, when classical decoration was being relegated to the past, Pergay’s early designs came to life. Born with a sensitivity to luxury, her furniture and objects fulfilled curiosities far from the norms of the time.

Maria Pergay’s career began while creating ornate metal elements for window displays in Paris’s fashionable boutiques. With her creativity piqued, she began experimenting with silver, soon producing a complete collection of distinct, contemporary pieces in the late 1950s. The vast uniqueness of the silver objects set the tone for a lifelong tendency to challenge current trends and work outside the boundaries of her contemporaries. In addition, Pergay’s silver work functioned as a catalyst for her innovative works made of stainless steel. Pergay’s usage of this material not only became her trademark but also changed the face of French decoration in the 1970s. All the while, furniture design remained a harshly male-dominated field which relegated design work by women to trite ‘decoration.’

As a mother of four without formal training particular to furniture, nor outside support, Pergay pursued her creative instincts working relatively alone. Drawing from a multitude of sources, she was provoked by antiquity, Japanese art and the innate nature of her materials — conjuring a voice so individual that many of her pieces would not receive recognition until years after they were created. Much like Eileen Gray, whose genius was also widely neglected because of her gender, Pergay created for her own pleasure — exhibiting and selling to clients, while quietly receiving important private commissions. In this way, she maintained a diverse and lengthy career, working enthusiastically even today.

Much in the way that Pergay’s innovative work landed her outside of the French modernist movement of the 1950s and 1960s, neither does she conform to the mainstream of today’s contemporary design. When questioned, she refuses to be designated solely as an artist, designer or decorator, but describes herself as a servant to her own creative impulses, particularly as a “captor of ideas.” Moreover, she defies the demand to produce using one theme over a singular period of time, rather creating as her ideas come, without schedule or structure.

(Source: Bio by Demisch Danant)

Ari Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Arne Norell

Thes 1966 Arne Norell designed lounge chair and ottoman were sold at a recent Wright Auction for $2,750.