Capri Lounge Chair by Johannes Andersen for Trensum

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Whippet Chair by Hugh Thomas

Whippet Chair

Whippet Chair by Hugh Thomas

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Hugh is an Australian designer who has this chair published on Coroflot as well:

The “Whippet Chair” draws inspiration from the breed of dog of which its name is derived. With its slender atheletic styling the chair is designed for short term seating environments. The seat is ergonomically inspired by a classic tractor seat form, giving the user maximum comfort without encouraging prolonged use (This is important in environments such as cafes and coffee shops with a fast turnover of patrons).

Free Falling Chair by Ezri Tarazi

Free-Falling-Chair-by-Ezri-Tarazi White 02

Free-Falling-Chair-by-Ezri-Tarazi Red 01

Free-Falling-Chair-by-Ezri-Tarazi 04

Free-Falling-Chair-by-Ezri-Tarazi 03

Free Falling Chair by Ezri Tarazi

Ezri took a lady dummy or mannequin, filled it with concrete and let it plunge into a trapezoidal box made from a perforated metal sheets.
The chair is formed.

Design: Ezri Tarazi
Design Assistance: Guy Mishali and Guy Ben Adon
Studio Tarazi Ltd. copyright 2011
This work was published on October 18, 2011 as a memento for Israeli Soldier, Gilad Shalit, who came back from isolated captivity after more than 5 years, and as a salute to his firmness.

Found this chair via edgina on Tumblr:

Rietveld Red and Blue Extended by D-W-A

Rietveld Red and Blue Extended edition

Rietveld Red and Blue Extended by D-W-A (1)

Inspired by The 2011 Rietveld Year music inspired designers collective D-W-A has taken it up to reinterpret Rietveld’s Red and Blue Chair, inspired so by different music genres.

The reDesign project is based on a 12” vinyl single release and is realized at a scale of 1:3 so as to keep the pieces around 12″. This iconic chair has been interpreted according to various musical genres including pop, classical, chill-out and dub.

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