Wheelbarrow Bench

Wheelbarrow Bench

Wheelbarrow Bench

Via zerido:

Brilliant! I‘ll build one! (via Weltevree | WHEELBENCH)

Barrow Star Gazer

Barrow Star Gazer

Barrow Star Gazer


Barrow Stargazer

A chair I made this christmas, built onto an old wheelbarrow frame for maneuverability. Influenced by Adirondack designs.  

Chaise Lawn by Deger Cengiz

Another lively creation from American designer Deger Cengiz – Chaise Lawn lounge, which gives you “a chance to lie down on the grass, watch the clouds overhead and forget the surrounding urban chaos.”

Materials: wheel barrel, wood, sod grass

Source: outdoorzgallery.com

Blue Wheelbarrow Chair for Two by Neil Whiteleaf

Blue Wheelbarrow Chair for Two
Some time ago the blog Leave it at the Reception Desk pointed me to this Blue Wheelbarrow Chair.

‘Double-u’ barrow seat – concept and design by Neil Whiteleaf, deconstruction and refabrication of 2 Haemmerlin wheel barrows and paint by Martin Bulled – Aug 2010 in South Western England. Fabric – Kvadrat ‘Sudden’.

Nice to find another mono subject blog that really digs into a subject like we try to do. Moreover, regular readers here will know there is an overlap in interest since I run a small hotel (whithout a real reception desk by the way).

Wheelbarrow Chair by Philippe Starck

The wheelbarrow chair Throne Follower by Florian Borkenhagen reminded me to this Wheelbarrow Chair by Philippe Starck that I found somewhere on the internet (can’t remember where)