3 Years of Blogging about Chairs

Cut Out Chair
Exactly 3 years ago I started this blog with a Cut Out Chair.

I posted about two more famous chairs the same day:

Thonet Chair no 18
Thonet No 18 Chair, still a classic and

Thonet No 14

Thonet No 14 Chair, a million seller.

3 Years of Blogging about Chairs

I’d not believed I could bring you so much stuff about (designers of) seating furniture on beforehand. But I did. Thank you all readers and commenters and e-mailers and linkers to Chair Blog! A special thank you to new contributor Polley. You all keep me inspired. Hope to see you the next three years!

I’ve taken the opportunity to decrease the number of posts featured on the front page to 5 In order to speed up loading time.

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