The Artist Chair by Claudie Bastide

The Artist Chair by Claudie Bastide

A long time ago that I featured a chair by Claudie. Here is another one. It seems that nowadays she is more into painting.

” The chairs ! but why the chairs?

When we can, with three strokes of a pencil, two or three colors, enchant the eye, draw us into dreams, and panic entire souls? Fire ! thus ended the first, her feet burned before my eyes, her feet, what am I saying? his hands, his head, his entire body, ignoble sacrifice of my ideas, pyre witness to the surrounding intolerance! I knew at that moment that I would make it personal. What’s the point of fighting against an inclination, against a foundation…? SITTING…that’s a word that speaks to me! Don’t we sit down to rest, to think, to write…? – OH YES !

“SIT” the schoolmaster tells us…

AH! IF you knew everything that goes through my head!!!

I see it far from any contingency:

Feminine or masculine or sometimes both, hilarious or sad, crazy or realistic,

raw or sophisticated, always full of meaning, never trivial.

Whether or not you can put your bottom on it is the least of my worries..

She frees herself from the chair

because she has so much to tell you. »

Claudie Bastide

Via Sculpture Zinzins


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  1. Thank you for publishing my artist chair. Truly, i am more into painting today but in my paintings exhibitions, i always include one of my chairs related to the theme. This time, i exhibit on the theme of art and poetry and the chair is « the poet » with his head in the sky. My website is:

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