Cane Weaving into Chair Seating

I had a draft post describing how to wave cane into a chair seating, but this video from Peerless Rattan is much easier to understand:

And another one from Andrew and Mark Hoskins:

In their Twitteraccount I found this artistic Chairback:

Tha rudeigin rud beag sònraichte agam dhuibh. Toir sùil aithghearr air an dealbh seo. Dè ur beachd? Nach e a tha mìorbhailteach? Tha Marc air an ruinneag Nollaig a fighe. ‘S e obair uabhasach doirbh a th’ann, gun teagamh. Creid mi gu bheil mo bhrathair a tha uabhasach robairneach


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