Cepezed Charity Chair based on the ONO Chair

Cepezed, a Dutch architecture firm, made an interpretation of the ONO Chair by Matthias Weber with a view on the charity involved. As the pictogram shows, you can use the chair at home, you can walk with the chair on your back. You can use it to transport products to sell on a market. You can sit on it during the marked. In addition Cepezed found a sponsor, a Dutch bank that likes to show off it’s involvement in the product to “look good”.

About The Charity Chair project
The slogan of Charity Chair is „Pimp up my chair“
Charity Chair is a cooperation of the German Architecture Magazine AIT and the Swiss furniture manufacturer Dietiker. They have invited European architects and interior designers to become part of the „Charity Chair“ project.

The brief was to redesign the wooden chair Ono. In 2010 the 120 (because Dietiker celebrates it’s 120ieth birthday) resulting chairs will tour several German and European cities, including London for the London Design week in September.

In November 2010 the 120 chairs will be auctioned in Berlin and the proceedings will go to a a children’s project in the South African township Langa near Cape Town. The South African outpost of the diocese of Augsburg will make sure that all money will arrive exactly where it is needed. It is the orphanage in Langa. who cares for children having lost their parents due to Aids, crime, lack of health care and terrible social conditions.

The architects and interior designers who have been working with the chair come from Scandinavia, Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. 100 chairs have been allocated directly to architects and interior designers, 15 are being worked on by universities and also children are involved via AIT children workshops.