Double Back Dining Chair by David J. Irwin


Double Back Dining Chair by David J. Irwin

The Most obvious place to hang your jacket whilst eating is on the back of your chair. In most circumstances this works fine but a lot of the time the jacket can either fall off, discomfort the person in the chair or can be left creased and flattened. The back of the chair works well as a place to keep your jacket until you sit down. By adding a separate rail at the back of the chair which the user does not come into contact with the problem can be avoided. It can also act as a hanger for other items such as handbags for example.

(via Cool Concept Dining Chairs by David J. Irwin | Chair Design)

Timber Stacker by David J. Irwin (LDF 2008 no 9)

Timber Stacker Chair by David J. Irwin
Timber Stacker Chair by David J. Irwin

At 100% Design London of September 2008 it was my camera that pointed me to the Timber Stacker Chair by David J. Irwin, nicely curved and nicely executed. Available as chair and as armchair via Deadgood.

About David J. Irwin

David J. Irwin is a designer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, currently undertaking the Designers In Residence Scheme at Northumbria University, working within the spectrum of furniture, product and occasionally urban design.

His design focus is founded on a deep interest in material manipulation through the appropriate use of both traditional and contemporary processes. The goal with all his work is to combine a strong concept with a fundemental usefullness.

So you see I’m really trying to get through my backlog. The second photo also features David’s Yed Chair for Habitat.