Alphasphere Lounger by Sha


Alphasphere Lounger

During several transitions of this site from one hosting company to another hosting company or from one server to another server I’d lost this post. However the image of the lounger had been borrowed by a soundtrack composer and published on Youtube. There the post has attracted over 10 million views and sometimes the lookers click back to here. So I’ve recreated this post on October 18, 2014. Also because a reader wanted more details about the chair…

Once the Alpha Sphere or Alphaspere chair had its own Wiki entry, but the Wiki Mob has deleted it.

About Sha

The Viennese artist and perception researcher sha. has been exploring new creative fields for more than ten years. All his creations are connected by the primeval fascination with the exploration of different horizons of body and consciousness:

sha. touches all the senses. Through his holistic spheres, people can plunge into synaesthetic perceptions, transcending conventional experiences of space and time.

“My spheres are timeless and spaceless:
archaic and futuristic at the same time,
near and yet infinitely far.”

Also Sha had his own Wiki and his own website.

See for the video my later post