Falcon Chair

Falcon Chair Attributed to Ingmar Relling by Orange and Brown.

A moulded rosewood ply frame hold the canvas hammock in place where the leather cushions sits snugly. This gives an almost floating like sitting experience and is very comfortable.

This chair is the low version with a brown leather cushion

Via Orange and Brown Seating

I have a feeling Orange and Brown mixed up Inmar Relling (famous for his Siesta Chair) with Sigurd Resell.

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Can you help me identify this chromed Steel Mystery Easy Chair? Update: Mystery Solved

One of my readers asked me to help her identify this mystery chair a couple of which she’s owned for over 30 years and sent me these photo’s.

Can you help identify these chairs?


I’m giving you details of these photo’s so that you can see it is not a swivel chair and has a peculiar nut and bold connection of the legs with the central rod.


Also the way the canvas or leather seating is connected with the legs is typical and nifty.


I like the design and have a feeling they are really comfy to lounge in.

Update October 20, 2010

Oops! I should have updated this post much earlier.

The question was posed and solved within 24 hours by Brian fireman. Thanks Brian!

This is the Steel edition of the Falcon Chair by Sigurd Ressell.

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Unfortunately I’ve lost Brian’s original comment in a server transition…

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