Ro Ro Rocking Chair by Tomoko Azumi of T.N.A. Studio for Zilio Aldo & Cy

The Ro Ro Rocking Chair by Tomoko Azumi of T.N.A. Design Studio for Zilio Aldo & Cy

T.N.A. Design Studio is based in East London and led by Tomoko Azumi.

Tomoko on the Ro Ro Chair and the cooperation with Zilio Aldo & Cy:

It is a rocking chair made from steam bent beech. The front legs and rocking runners share the same curve, and the arm & backrest is formed from a single piece of solid timber.

Zilio Aloo & Cy is located near Udine, centre of Italian chair industry for years, has been supplying good quality wooden parts for Italian big players for more than 70 years. Since the recent shift of manufacturing to Eastern Europe and the far East, this local network of factories has been struggling to survive. I met a young successor of a factory, who is now trying to set up an own brand, then started a project to rescue their fine tradition of wood bending, which is brought to their area when it was a part of Austria.

Via T.N.A. Design Studio.