Modern Sofa – 2015 IMM Cologne 06


I found this sofa with different classic backrests at the IMM Cologne in 2015, but don’t know by whom.

Dali Hot Lips Sofa

Dali Hot Lips Sofa_DSC4830kl

At the occasion of the 2015 Biennale of Venice the Spanish paviljon paid a tribute to Salvador Dali where I found this hot lips sofa. The original was designed after Mae West’s lips by Dali in 1938.



Dali Lips Sofa


Dali Lips Sofa

Salvador Dali and his Lips sofa.

Why Hilda loves the Marshmallow Sofa

Marshmallow Sofa by George Nelson
Hilda Marshmallow sofa

The Hilda Stories: The Woman on the Marshmallow Sofa from Herman Miller on Vimeo.

Why Hilda loves the Marshmallow Sofa

Hilda Longinotti has worked with George Nelsons for 21 years. Listen why she loves the Marshmellow Sofa.
An excellent story for our Chairchez La Femme series and found on the Herman Miller blog.

Tomazo Buzzi Sofa

Tomazo Buzzi

Tomazo Buzzi Sofa

I’d never heard of Tomazo Buzzi, but when I noticed this Burr-veneered walnut sofa was sold for Eur 134,500, I had to give it some attention.

Via Phillips