Eero Aarnio attributed ‘Pirtti’ Chairs – Design Icons 2024 -12

Eero Aarnio attributed ‘Pirtti’ Chairs – Design Icons 2024 -12

See Atelier Uma

This set of four dining chairs are attributed to Eero Aarnio, 1960’s. This set holds a strong expression and has an organic design with rounded corners and edges. The legs are high and tapered which provides an open elegant look. The backrests are static and the opening at the top creates a more playful look. The wood structure has a beautiful grain. Please note that these items are in good, used condition. Price (Euro 690) is for the set.

However, I do question if this are Pirtti Chairs as I have seen them at Buskowski as follows:

The back is different. The hole in the back is larger. Moreover the legs are strait without cross members and the legs are smaller just under the seats…..

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