The Thinking Machine Chair

Eduardo Baroni Thinking Machine Chair

Eduardo Baroni of Brazil has a good eye for unique furniture that is great looking and in the case of these two rocking chairs, quite functional as well. The Thinking Machine Chair" designed for Sintesi has a very informal look and invites us to relax in a rather kicked back version of the age old rocking chair. A smooth contoured plastic seat floats on a light metal structure that features a slightly bent base for a nice effortless rocking experience. The Zonza "rocking chaise" also from Barboni, and made by Moveis Schuster makes an entirely new statement from a piece that usually doesn't rock. Barboni's indoor / outdoor rocking chaise just received the IBAMA Movelsul award for the use of Brazilian jequitibá, an alternative wood. Eduardo Barboni goal is to create "new and exciting furniture designs that surprise by their freshness with simplicity, lightness, low cost and novelty"

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2 thoughts on “The Thinking Machine Chair”

  1. Interesting chair! Nice tension between the organic form of the seat and the straight lines of the structure. The ‘chopped-off’ ends of the rockers are also unexpected (at least to my thinking, which is why I like this detail). There’s a good hint of Eames about it, yet it is still very contemporary. “Thinking Machine” is intriguing too!

  2. I think this design is too much like the famous Stingray Chair by Fredericia Furniture, and this interpretation is cluttered with no personality….to put it bluntly.

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