MotoArt Grumman Albatross Float Tank Couch


It looks like a torpedo, but it is a couch is made of a ca 1950 Grumman Albatross float tank:
Donovan Fell III, here together with another Don from the MotoArt team, founded MotoArt as a hobby, now a 6 member team, to give airplane parts a new life.

Inhabitat pointed me to MotoArt, (@MotoArt Studios on Twitter)

Facundo Poj Jet Bench

Facundo Poj Jet Bench

727 jet lounge
materials: 2 aluminum boeing 727 emergency exit doors
steel legs
free range farming argentine cowhide
dimensions: 80”l X 23”w X 22”h
finish: polished aluminum / chrome
warranty: structural lifetime
price as shown: $4490 plus shipping & taxes
other upholstery available

Via facundo poj

British Fighter Jet Pilot Ejector Seat in polished Aluminum

British fighter jet pilot ejector seat

British fighter jet pilot ejector seat

in polished aluminum with yellow flotation device. A collector’s item, designed by the Martin Baker Aircraft Company of England, manufactured in 1967 and mounted on a free-standing stainless steel base.
59″h x 18″w x 34″d
England, mid-20th C.
Price $15,560

For sale at Linda Horn

New JAL Seats by James Park Associates

Seat redesign for Japan Airlines by James Park Associates.
Via Core77 / design magazine + resource / post

British Fighter Jet Pilot Seat

Do a top gun with the Jet Seat, right in your living room a-la-Tom Cruise and do all this sitting comfortably in your very own living room, we have some great news. Subtract the dog fight, the scary acrobatics and everything else from a fighter jet, except of course it’s seat, and you have one very bling piece of living room chic – the British Fighter Jet Pilot Seat. This neat piece of bling-kit is a real fighter jet seat manufactured by the Martin Baker Aircraft company from England, way back in 1976. Yes, you heard it right, 1976, but don’t you fret because this jet seat has been fully polished and redone and now you have the shiny aluminum seat sitting on a free standing stainless steel base. This jet seat will be the perfect add on to your PS3 and your HDTV with a fighter jet game playing on. Oh! what an experience this combination promises to be. Meanwhile, nobody knows why it has been put on the block, but nevertheless who cares, as long you as you get a real jet seat to adorn your living room, which sure will get all your guests raving. To get this piece, be prepared to fork out a good sixteen grand, $15,560 to be right on target.

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