Cool Metro Station Seatings via Frenchless

Cool Metro Station Seatings via Frenchless

Cool Metro Station Seatings via Frenchless

While picking up again on the mini series of seatings in Metro stations, I found an American expat living in Paris who blogs about Paris, sharing the cool seats of the Franklin D. Roosevelt station of the Parisian Metro.

With the lighting mirrored in them they really look like smiley’s.

Frenchless in France » Cool Metro Stop.

Italian Torino Metro Station Seats

Italian Torino Metro Station Seats

Italian Torino Metro Station Seats

Once I started here (and soon discontinued) a small series with Parisian Metro Seats. Now I want to pick it up again and introduced a category metro station seating. Also because i realized that not only Paris has nice public seatings installed in their Metro Stations.

Here a Torino Station. No sleeping allowed. I really like this design. The seats can be turned closer to each other for if you are traveling together.

New Paris Metro Benches (2)


Just returned from a couple of days in Paris. Some time ago I started (and discontinued temporarily) a series about new Paris Metro Benches. Well this is a fine photo of the new round chair form benches in red against a background of an old photo showing how they built a metro in those days…

In addition to my prior remark that it possibly was aimed at the sleeper problem I now can add that they didn’t get rid of the problem entirely as in several stations they kept the tiled consoles of the original wooden benches which still are in use by several clochards. However in some stations they replaced the consoles with steel frames with seatings without any place for sleepers… Moreover it seems they positioned the seatings in a way that people do not feel intruded upon if you take a seat next to them…as opposed in the Metro’s themselves where the benches are so narrow they barely can hold two Frenchman…

New Paris Metro Benches (1)

I found this photo by John Crosley at Photonet

‘Bookends’ Paris Metro, St.- Germain-des-Pres

This photo from the Paris Metro attempts to be self-explanatory, with no real written explanation needed. This is the view as Metro riders rush through their last rides, make their last connections of the day, and the Metro shuts down for the night — turning it into a makeshift winter shelter for a few ‘unfortunates’ escaping winter cold (although Paris has a mild climate, roughly comparable to Portland, Oregon) Your ratings and critiques are invited and most welcome. If you rate harshly or very critically, please submit a helpful and constructive comment; please share your superior photographic knowledge to help improve my photography. Thanks! Enjoy! John

During a recent visit to Paris I became fascinated by the various new benches at various Metro Stations in Paris. I presume they replaced these traditional benches in order to prevent the sleeper “problem” (as they see it) in the future.

In order to warm you up my own photo of this traditional Metro Bench: