HarpaH by Matteo Astolfi



HarpaH by Matteo Astolfi

I first spotted HarpaH in a Google ad here on the Chair Blog itself. Its modern look and unconventional picket fence-like design caught my attention and sparked my interest enough to send me on a googling journey. Here’s what I found out via design.org:

HarpaH by a young Italian architect and designer Matteo Astolfi is a modern, sculptural chair that “appears and disappears, vibrates and deforms sounds.”  The chair is constructed of laminated plywood and finished with a textured paint of multiple colors.

2 thoughts on “HarpaH by Matteo Astolfi”

  1. It looks more unique to me than that, only maybe we can really compare it to Zig Zag due to the edges here, but other than that… It’s pretty unique on its own, no? I mean, a picket fence turned into a chair? 😉 It’s probably not too comfortable to sit on, but looks interesting. I guess if I had one at home I’d add a nice chair pillow here and then I’d be good to go (sit?)!

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