Tulpi Chair by Marco Manders

Tulpi-Chai-by-Marco-Manders Open en closed

Tulip Chair

Dutch designer Marco Manders is wise not to name his chair “Tulip Chair”, but “Tulpi Chair”, as we have a famous tulip chair already: The one by Eero Saarinen. A neat feature is that it can open and close. In our rainy country it makes the seat drying faster. Ideal for public places.

I found it when I was roaming the Dutch Horticultural Fair Floriade.

2 thoughts on “Tulpi Chair by Marco Manders”

  1. This chair is genius, it is convenient for everyone to close and open it like a budding tulip flower. I want to buy one for my garden and in our pool area.

  2. Hello everyone,
    Thanks for mentioning our design chair Tulpi!
    Please do have a look at our brandnew website: http://www.tulpi.nl
    You can order a chair at anytime, but perhaps it is nice to know that we have a special sale for private customers that runs to the end of September 2012!
    With Tulpi love!

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