Green Apple Pod Chair

Green Apple pod chair

Green Apple Pod Chair

Found it somewhere and tried to determinate its provenance (i.e. designer and manufacturer). Found these links:

  • The Interior Gallery,
  • Pop Art Decoration, and
  • Yab Design, Inc

    It was founded in 1990. Ownership and management are Dutch. We operate under Philippine laws and regulations, and are located in Angono, just outside Metro Manila. The company’s total area 110,000 square meters, with a production floor area of 42,000 square meters. We produce hand-made decorations, mainly out of polyester resin, reinforced with fiberglass and specialize in life-size and bigger-than-life figurines of all sorts. We take pride in our quality of detail and the finishing and our designs. We also design and manufacture special models upon request. Currently, the company provides work for approximately 800 people including subcontractors. It is our philosophy that creating and providing enjoyable working conditions will reflect in the quality and appearance of our products, so every effort is taken to ensure and improve these conditions. We ship our products all over the world, with Europe and the U.S.A. being our biggest markets. The company enjoys a healthy, steady growth and is financially stable. Our whole collection of products is on display in our showroom, which has a floor area of almost 1,200 square meters.

  • Ah, the previous site is a portal and here is Yab Design‘s own site.

Box Sofa and Box Lounger by Look Industries

Box Sofa and Box Lounger by Look Industries

Box sofa + box lounger – By Loook industries

Alcove Sofa Collection – Vitra – Vassar Interiors

Alcove Collection
Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

The Alcove Sofa is subtle and refined. It is uncommonly tall which creates a dramatic sense of enclosure and privacy. The padded side and back panels have a pronounced sound dampening effect. The acoustic reduction adds to the sense of privacy and protection.

Designed specifically for office settings, the Alcove Highback Sofa creates an even more secluded refuge for work and reflection. When two Alcove Highbacks are placed facing one another they form a small meeting area. The Alcove Highback is approximately fifteen and a half inches higher than a standard Alcove Sofa.

Alcove Sofa Collection – Vitra – Vassar Interiors