Foldable Baby Car Seat: Tot-Pod by Aldo Barreto for Samsonite

Tot Pod by Samsonite

Tot-Pod by Aldo Barreto for Samsonite

Something to outdo Nestt Kid Car Seat? Probably yes, if not in style than in functionality.

Samsonite is a luggage brand so it’s no wonder their chair had to be multifunctional: it’s foldable and it has a carry handle, making it an ideal baby chair to travel with, and it has wheels if you want to use it as a stroller.

Looking like a clam shell when not in use, this ultra-modern, foldable baby car seat has been designed by Canadian designer Aldo Barreto for a competition for luggage company Samsonite. It has an integrated child restraint system, carrying handle and a multi-purpose storage compartment in the back. The Tot-Pod baby car seat can also be converted to a stroller.