Butterfly chair by Pierre Paulin


Here for a very nice and well kept chair designed by French top designer Pierre Paulin for Artifort in 1963. This chair, type F675 is better known as the Butterfly chair by Pierre Paulin. This is for a very nice original early production with very nice deep cognac colored leather seat with a wonderful patina from normal age and usage.

Sofa for 2 by Kho Liang Ie


Kho Liang Ie (1927-1975) was the in house Art Director for Artifort for many years. He introduced Pierre Paulin and Geoffrey Harcourt to Artifort. He has also designed some chairs and sofas for Artifort.

This one on auction Today at Venduehuis The Hague.

Lot 90 with an estimate of Euro 250 – 300.

Update: Sold for Euro 250.

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Apps Chair and Settee by Richard Hutten for Artifort

Apps Chair Red and Blue-by-Richard-Hutten-for-Artifort


Apps by Richard Hutten for Artifort

Richard Hutten’s first chair design for Artifort. For sale by the end of 2012.

About Apps

A cube with rounded corners, like an icon on a smartphone screen. Designed in accordance with the best Artifort traditions: smooth, timeless and comfortable. Artifort is proud to present the first design by Richard Hutten for Artifort.
The Apps has a wooden internal frame. Comfort is assured thanks to the use of webbing in the back and an ingenious seat that boosts the natural comfort of the thick layer of foam. The Apps can be upholstered in either one or two fabrics, and one-person (1.0) and two-person (2.0) versions are available.

The model presented during Il Salone 2012 is a prototype; the Apps will be made available for purchase end 2012.

Richard Hutten on designing for Artifort:

For me, Artifort is one of the most beautiful Dutch furniture companies and is part of our national heritage. When I was asked to design something for Artifort, I considered it both an honour and a challenge. The quality of the designs dating from the 1960s in particular is very high. My aim was to match that level. Through the assistance of Kho Liang Ie, who introduced Harcourt and Paulin to Artifort, Artifort grew into a leading brand worldwide in a very short space of time. My ambition is to revive that golden era.

Concorde Chair by Pierre Paulin for Artifort

Concorde Chair by Pierre Paulin for Artifort

Concorde Chair by Pierre Paulin for Artifort

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F444 Chair by Pierre Paulin

Houzz is another platform or portal getting chair inspiration from. However, it seems a bit like a link bank for further searching. I found this F444 Chair by Pierre Paulin for Artifort on All Modern….