Conolounge Recycled Paper Tubes Chair

For a chair prototype called the Conolounge, Chilean designers Onceneto tapped La Tercera newspaper for leftover paper printer rolls. A steel support provides structure and adds a fetching bright green accent. It’s a clever example of creative reuse that reminds us of a less conceptual and more practical version of Julian Lwin’s Biotube Bench.
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Found it at: Cool Hunting: Conolounge Recycled Paper Tubes Chair

Papton Chair by Fuchs and Funke

Papton Chair by Fuchs and Funke

Cardboard, This cheap material is now very popular in design. It have many advantages: is very light, sufficiently strong to resist the human weight (if the shape is well designed, like these examples), and the best of all… is biodegradable, 100% eco-friendly. Off course, don’t use this chairs of cardboard in your back yard, near to the pool… or in the rain. But inside of your house, with a good care of it, this beauties will last many years. The top chair is call Papton Chair, a creation of fuchs+funke design studio.

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Contour Chair by Frank Gehry

The Contour chair, designed by architect Frank Gehry, transforms cardboard, one of the most prosaic and utilitarian of industrial materials, into a durable, visually dynamic, and structurally sound piece of modern design. Beginning in the late 1960s, Gehry experimented with furniture made of composite layers of cardboard, yielding objects of substantial resilience and strength, while at the same time permitting considerable flexibility of form. The Contour Chair, for example, features a fluid, ribbonlike shape that belies its sturdy structure. Gehry was particularly interested in creating well-designed, low-cost goods, and its standardized production and inexpensive materials made Contour an affordable piece of furntiture. The use of common industrial supplies such as cardboard characterized much of Gehry’s early architecture and design, as he sought to create a new formal vocabulary through everyday materials.

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Chair 777

Chair 777

Chair 777 is a very clever design. With a twist of your arm you can use it to sit, relax or lounge.

It’s made from recyclable cardboard by the German artists/designer collective Die Fabrik which means The Factory. Its members are probably located in Würzburg [in a prior version I had mentioned Berlin, apparently erroneously].

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Downloadable Chair by Design Nobis

Turkish Student Design Collective: Downloadable Chair

Via Core77 Design Blog I discovered this downloadable Chair from Turkish Student Design Collective DesigN Nobis…err When I later visited their site, it is not so clear it is a design collective..

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