Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler

Pressed chair is a pressed aluminium chair by Harry Thaler that comes flat and can be bent into a super-light stackable chair.

The end result is light enough to be lifted with only two fingers, but extremely strong and durable even without any external structural support. Thaler’s creation is indeed a chair that pushes the limits of minimization and material!



Mosaica Chair by Yos and Leonard Theosabrata

Father and son team Yos and Leonard Theosabrata from Indonesia head the Accopuncto label.

Designing a seat that can adjusts to the shape of the users, that was Yos S. Theosabrata’s dream.

His son, Leonard Theosabrata made this dream come true by designing Accupunto’s Ergonic collection.

Its patented Ergonic technology uses an ancient method of acupressure, where each polypropylene capsule works as a needle exerting a relaxing pressure on various points of the body. The straps which bind these capsules give to our seat this surprising comfort.

Leonard Theosabrata was born in Jakarta, July 26, 1977. He graduated from the Product Design Faculty at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA in 2002. Leonard is currently the head of the Jakarta-based LTD. His love for furniture has led him to build Accupunto. He received a Red Dot Design Award in 2003, a Good Design Award Japan in 2005, and the recent Wallpaper Design Award 2009 for his collaboration with Michael Young for Accupunto.

With a French site they will storm the European Market. They will be both represented at Maison et Object and IFF. I might see them in one of the exhibitions…

Finnish Adjustable Divided Salli Saddle Stool May Save Your Private Parts

This adjustable divided saddle stool may save your private parts and is probably ergonomically more correct than an undivided saddle stool.

Fins are likely less inhibited to name your private parts by the name: Mind the Gap! 🙂

Earlier I showed a video here but that disappeared from Youtube…

Doctor Riter’s ErgoChair

Doctor Riter's ErgoChair

SKU ABB100000

A new and exciting ergonomic chair designed by a group of physicians, health practitioners and engineers in Switzerland to promote correct posture, to help strengthen the muscles in the abdominal area and the spine, and to take stress off the back and neck.

The egg-shaped ball of the ErgoChair does not compress discs in the spine, like a regular chair.

Most people who sit in front of a computer or at a desk for prolonged periods of time assume poor posture. It results in flattening of the lumbar spine and altered head carriage. This can result in chronic lower back pain, weak abdominal muscles, and neck problems that often lead to headaches. Prolonged sitting can also cause poor circulation in the legs resulting in painful leg cramps or the sensation of the legs falling asleep.

The ErgoChair enables individuals to achieve proper posture. The egg-shaped flexible ball allows free movement of the body – up and down, back and forth, and side to side – for the body to find the best posture to relieve and prevent back pain.

Via Moda Bode

KneelSit Chair

KneelSit Chair

I thank the reader who entered the search term “graphic designer chair sore legs” into Google today and clicked here. That gave me the idea to post the #1 Google search result for that search term of today:

For lower back pain there are of course other solutions as the sit ball or simply following Pilates lessons as I try to do myself:-)